Launch Date: Sunday, May 6

On our launch date we have a mini book entitled “A Faithful Marriage” as a complimentary gift for each couple that attends.

Location: Gym of the Bible Baptist Church

Time: 9:45 am each Sunday

Teacher: Pastor Bill Schutt

What: We will be dealing with many of the frustrations that can encounter newlyweds and new parents.  The first 5 years of marriage are crucial years in establishing relationships and patterns of behavior that will effect the rest of your life and your children’s lives.

We will be providing Biblical resources and teaching to nourish and foster spiritual relationships.

Just as no two fingerprints are the same, no two marriages are the same. However, in all marriages it is two identities forming a unique union that shows the Xtraordinary love of Christ

Loving childcare is provided.


The first 5 years of marriage are arguably the hardest, but they don’t have to be! It is the goal of Xtraordinary Love to equip couples during these crucial years. We can truly experience a love like nothing else! Join us as we seek to establish patterns and principles through daily expressions in our marriages centered around Christ and His extraordinary love for us! With teaching from God’s Word, helpful resources, and meaningful connection—you do not want to miss out on experiencing Xtraordinary Love each week!

Invitation Cards:  Feel free to copy these cards and invite others to this class.