The Lord has heavily burdened my heart to be a help, a blessing, a tool of Biblical instruction, and a prescription of Scriptural healing to the families of BBC.  This is our focus and intention.  Our Family Revival (May 20-22), BBC family devotionals, couples Sunday school classes, and Sunday preaching services are geared from Mother’s Day (May 8) to Father’s Day (June 19) to help the families.

There is no doubt in my mind that the home is being viciously attacked in America!  As pastor of Bible Baptist Church, one of my responsibilities is to be the watchman on the wall for things that would harm our country, community, and church.

The theme for the next several weeks will be on the fractured family.  Every family regardless of how good they may seem or how righteous they may appear has a fracture at some point and time and will continue to have them through time because we are all sinners.  Hence, the sermons on Sunday mornings from Mother’s Day through Father’s Day will be on helping our homes.  This is a 7 week sermon series.

Please invite every family to attend.  These messages will be Biblically based, relevant to your home, and practical for every day living.  Be sure not to miss a Sunday.  As these truths could transform your marriage and your children!  You have to believe it will!  God’s Word is quick and powerful!  God’s Word will not return void!  God’s Word truly changes lives!

I love our church family with all my heart.  I long for the Lord’s blessings, favor, grace, and peace upon your lives.

See you Sunday!