Reformers Unanimous

Do you ever find yourself trapped with frustration or worry? Do you find that sometimes you react to circumstances in a quick, harsh, or mean manner? Would you like the “secret” to living the abundant Christian life instead of the redundant Christian life? Reformers Unanimous has developed a curriculum just for you! The Strongholds Study Course is a discipleship program designed to help anyone, not only find the Truth, but also discover how to live the Spirit-filled life.


RU was started as a Christ-centered addictions program to direct the struggling back to God’s support group – the local church. Today, it is helping not only addicts with freedom, but also church members and Christians to develop a love-relationship with Jesus Christ. Much help and counseling is outsourced to secular and even spiritual organizations, but is available through the ministry of RU. This discipleship course has helped countless individuals across America and even in some foreign countries.


To the Addict – RU is the way I found hope and freedom from habits that have held me in bondage far too long.

To the Family/Friend of an Addict – RU is a place where I found hope for my loved one and help for my deepest hurts.

To the Child – RU is the place I found security and happiness, and I got my parents back.

To the Struggling Teenager – RU is a program that reached me with the good news and taught me about dealing with relevant issues teens face.

To the Pastor – RU is the tool that brought hope to my community and revival to my church.

To the Church Member – RU is the pathway God used to expose my personal struggles

To the Inmate – RU is the only place I found freedom, even though I was incarcerated.

To the Chaplain – RU is the catalyst for lasting change among inmates.

To the Correctional Officer – RU helped me understand my position and influence as a minister of God for good.

To the Judge – RU is the program we partnered with to reduce recidivism in our community. Now we see them as productive citizens active in our community.

To God – RU is one of His greatest tools to accomplish His great commission.

The Zions View Refuge Home

          It is here that individuals who are struggling with issues ranging from marital problems to drug issues, from depression to alcoholism, from anger to abandonment, can receive personal discipleship, job training and, eventually, local employment.

Please consider giving to help support the cause of seeing people freed from the strongholds and addictions that bind them and keep them from living productive lives. 

You may give here online monthly, quarterly, annually, or make a one time gift . Thank you. 


Meeting Every Friday Night from 7 – 9:15 PM at:

Bible Baptist Church

4190 N. Susquehanna Trail

York, PA 17404

For more information on program and materials,

contact Brian King at: 1-800-510-8479