To me… Easter, or Resurrection Sunday, is the greatest day to celebrate!  We celebrate the death, burial, and resurrection of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ!

No greater reason to celebrate and no greater day for celebration!

When you have a major celebration there is great preparation.  In order for things on this day to be 1st class for the Lord, and to give the best recognition of His death, burial, and resurrection there must be a great amount of preparation.

How to properly prepare for Easter:

  1. Pray!!!
    • Bible says that the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.  We need fervent prayer.
    • Prayer meeting on Wednesday evening for Easter.  Please make special effort to be at Wednesday evening prayer meeting as we will be begging for the presence and power of God for Easter.  He alone will perform His work of salvation in the lives of the lost who will attend.
  2. Prepare  
    • All teachers:  prepare salvation messages around the gospel – death, burial, and resurrection
    • S.S. teachers, jr. church teachers, bus captains, RU leaders, discipleship teachers, etc. be studied up, prayed up, and prepared up.
    • Mentally:  Just think… we get the awesome opportunity to introduce others to the most influential, powerful, and eternal life changer ever! WOW!  Thank you Lord for allowing me this most incredible opportunity ever!
  3. Proclaim
    • The Bible says to be witnesses unto me (Jesus).  This is to proclaim the name of Christ.  In other words, to prepare for our Resurrection Celebration INVITE others to church.
    • This is the number one Sunday in which non-churched people will attend a church service and hear the glorious gospel of Jesus!
    • INVITE co-workers, neighbors, friends, family, etc.
    • How to INVITE someone for Easter using all your resources:
      • Call: Ask them to come just for Easter… just this once… that is it.  Keep your word.  Let the Lord do the rest after they attend.
      • Personal contact: Hand them the easter invite and express your love and concern for them.  Inform them of a loving church, a loving God, and a great Easter service.  Just check it out one time!
      • Email: You will receive a church email that you could forward to everyone on your contact list, or you can create your own email that you could send.  Send this email to everyone on your contact list.
      • Text:  Text as many people as you can.  Give a brief testimony of how Jesus has changed you.  Come find out this Sunday on Easter at Bible Baptist.
      • Facebook: Use these resources for His glory.  I know many of you share spiritual things on this social network.  Continue to INVITE people to church through Facebook.
      • Instagram:  Use the church’s website image or the image that will be emailed to you to post and INVITE.
        1. Date:  This Sunday, March 27
        2. Time: 10:45 a.m.
        3. Location: 4190 N. Susquehanna Trail or on the corner of the Trail and Canal.
        4. Where you will meet them: In the parking lot, flag pole, foyer, etc.
        5. Guarantee that they will sit with you and your family.
        6. These details will make newcomers feel secure and comfortable.
  4. Persuade
    • BRING someone to church.  There is a difference between INVITING someone and BRINGING someone to church.  INVITING is the first step of BRINGING.
    • There is someone who is lost and undone.  Someone who is waiting for your INVITE.  Someone who is desperately searching for satisfaction in this life.
    • I think of the Apostle Paul who oftentimes would persuade or convince people of the truth… their need for forgiveness and salvation!
    • Pray for boldness.  He can rid you of your fears.
    • HAVE A GOAL!
      • BRING at least one person who is unchurched or unsaved to the Easter service.
      • Pray and be determined to continue to INVITE people this week to ensure that you will be able to BRING one person to church.
      • Jesus said that He came to seek and to save that which was lost.  Jesus had purpose, drive, compassion, and a determination to save the lost!
      • This is the difference between INVITING  and BRINGING.  INVITING can be passive.  BRINGING has intentionality, drive, and determination.
    • How to BRING someone to Easter service:
      • INVITE them. (follow the INVITE instructions above)
      • Offer to pick them up.
      • Offer to take them to breakfast before church or S.S.
      • Offer to take them out for lunch or have them over for lunch after church.
      • Tell them that you would absolutely love to have them sit with you and your family.
      • Ask if they have a Bible, if they do not, tell them that you will have one at church for them when they arrive. (Only if you are able to do so)  Keep your word.
      • If they will drive and it is their first time at BBC.  Let them know the color, make, and model of your vehicle and let them know you will meet them in the parking lot at____________ a.m.  At least 10 minutes before church.
      • Assure them you will be with them and show them where to go.
      • These details are instrumental.  This is expressing your care and concern for their comfort as they arrive on Easter.  It is these type of details that the Lord uses to prepare and cultivate hearts to receive His glorious gospel!